The Gentleman’s Guide to Gifts for Her

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, gentlemen all over the Western world can sit back and relax, content in the knowledge they’ve already picked out the perfect gift for their lady. For those who haven’t gotten around to finding that bon cadeau, follow these 10 commandments and look like you’ve been planning for months. It’ll be a gentleman’s secret.

PSA: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Life just isn’t the same for us guys. Women really have to deal with a lot of issues. It’s even worse when society doesn’t let us talk about them. A few students at Brescia University College asked me to help them make a PSA video for Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Always interested in the fashion world, it’s always bugged me how women are told they’re anything less than perfect. I hope with a little help, and a little awareness, we can turn []