PSA: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Life just isn’t the same for us guys. Women really have to deal with a lot of issues. It’s even worse when society doesn’t let us talk about them. A few students at Brescia University College asked me to help them make a PSA video for Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Always interested in the fashion world, it’s always bugged me how women are told they’re anything less than perfect. I hope with a little help, and a little awareness, we can turn []


These guys were a lot of fun! They put up such an energetic show once they got into the swing of things, I make no bones throwing them some major promo. (Usually I’d put this at the end, but it’s well worth switching to HD video by following the YouTube link and setting the player to “720P.”) Adelaie is a local band here in London, Ontario. They played their first show on 22 January, right after releasing their first album earlier in []