When personal branding hurts good journalism

For today’s journalists, personal branding has become an industry must for when you want to get noticed by β€” and write serious content for β€” an accredited publication. The easiest way for publications to tap into your personality, expertise and writing voice is by sifting through the blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, writing samples and more that form your brand identity as a journalist. However, left unchecked, your quest to create an authentic journalistic identity can easily backfire.

94.9 CHRW Radio Reel

After graduation, I ended up having a lot of time on my hands — after all, without the MAJ program, I only had a full time job to keep me busy. So I decided to get back to volunteering. But rather than going back to Rogers for more videography or helping with a show, I wanted to try my hand at something other than TV. As serendipity would have it, the new director of spoken word at the local campus station was []