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Nicholas Mizera is a professional editor and journalist living in Hamilton and working in Toronto. He has lent his unique voice and sense of style to prominent print and digital lifestyle publications including Sharp Magazine, Title Magazine, Toronto Life, Gotstyle Man and DailyXY. He has also appeared on television and radio to report the news and provide expertise. He is currently a blogs editor at HuffPost Canada.

When he’s not on assignment, Nicholas is the stylish guy behind The Gentleman Journalist. On this blog, like-minded creatives will find advice, outfit inspiration, reviews, interviews, opinion and accounts of his latest adventures in the media and fashion industries.

Editorial Policy

  • All photos, videos and text are of my own creation, unless otherwise noted.
  • I either own or have had first-hand experience with all the products I endorse, wear, or review on this site unless otherwise noted.
  • Not to get high and mighty, but journalistic and editorial ethics apply. Sponsored content will include a disclaimer (see below).
  • I will never feature a product or brand I wouldn’t wear or use myself.
  • Your product may not be my style, but I probably know a publication that would be interested in featuring it. Feel free to drop me a line.

Style Manifesto

Sporty. Prints. Navy blazers. And a dash of sprezzatura.

Gentleman’s Word

Moving forward, you’ll find a section at the end of posts describing how they came to be. You know, the stuff bloggers tend not to talk about, like where a product came from or who suggested an interview. Consider a bit of radical transparency for a confusing age. Friends are honest with each other, after all.


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