Make Your Next Classic White T-Shirt A Grey One

A lot can be said about the simplicity of a plain white T-shirt. It’s classic, it goes with everything. You can’t mess it up. And if you’re a dude like Steve McQueen you can make the less-is-more approach look absolutely iconic.

There’s no reason to mess with a winning formula. Or is there?

Like its neutral cousin, a grey T-shirt is every bit as foolproof. Wearing a grey T-shirt solo is just a matter of pulling it on, checking your hair and jetting for the door. It even plays well with the same looks — a blank canvas worn under a heritage canvas jacket, for example, or paired with your most effortless denim. Easy.

But what makes the ever-versatile grey T-shirt stand apart is its versatility. There’s an entire spectrum to play with, from the heather greys of the world to moody charcoal, so you’ll never feel like your wardrobe’s stuck on repeat. Grey’s shape shifting properties also bring any look toward the middle, perfect for dressing down starchier staples (hello, slim dark blazer) or infusing your after hours looks with an air of cool sophistication (think that worn-in leather jacket and Chelsea boots combo). Logos will feel right at home — bonus for vintage prints.

On fit: the ideal cut is slim but not tight, and the sleeves should hit just below your delts. If there’s any billowing forming around your waist or arms, reach for a fresh one. Find a brand that slips on perfectly and stick with it. Once you’ve mastered this wardrobe must-have, you’ll rarely want to wear anything else.

Gentleman’s word: I received two sample T-shirts from Headstone to feature on Instagram. I declined compensation for the photo post. This blog is independent of said collaboration — I just enjoy supporting new local brands.

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