The Lede: Luxury Men’s Leather Bags Worth Planning A Vacation Around

There are few places in the world where style — not just the cuisine or attractions — is a destination unto itself. Take Italy, for example; a long-time fascination of mine. Soft-shouldered jackets, fresh prints, fabrics tailor-made for summer days — I’m still dreaming of taking a weekend off and flying first-class to lo Stivale. And while a spur-of-the-moment vacation might not quite be on my horizon, there is the next best thing.

Recently launched Italian leather brand OKV dropped this handsome weekender as part of Primo Edition, their first luxury line-up featuring a wallet, rucksack and other goods. In true globetrotting fashion, the structured silhouettes are designed in Toronto and expertly crafted in Italy’s Tuscany region from leather tanned using sustainable plant-based products.

This particular holdall lives up to its name, with compartments for your passport, electronics and something a little more comfortable — all locked in with a polished clasp. (Carry-on material, needless to say.) The edges are hand painted for a vintage finish.

Wherever your travels take you, the rest of OKV’s line has you covered. Take a look below or check out their website for more.

Gentleman’s word: I was invited to OKV’s launch event in Toronto. What can I say? I liked what I saw. The featured photo up top was supplied by OKV. Nothing else to report.


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