The Lede: Harry’s Daily Face Wash Is My New Wake-Up Call

Harry's Daily Face Wash

Refreshing. That’s the best way to describe this unexpected new entry from the purveyors of shaving essentials at Harry’s, best known for their German-made razors. The peppermint and eucalyptus face wash has been a wake-up call for my daily routine (and, well, my mug) the past few weeks since I received a tube in the mail. I found it ideal as a beard-softening exfoliator to help me achieve a smoother shave — even when I’m powering through stubborn stubble. It’s not half bad at that whole cleaning-your-face thing, either. Oil and dirt? Gone. Hell, just the cool feeling it leaves behind is worth it on mornings I don’t plan on taking steel to skin. Let’s see your coffee do that.

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