The Lede: Richer Poorer Took over My Sock Drawer

Richer Poorer - Classic Socks Header

Getting the basics down is easy. Getting them right? That’s a different story.

L.A.-based Richer Poorer specializes in elevated socks, T-shirts and boxers for men (there’s plenty for ladies, too), and after adding several pairs of socks to my rotation, courtesy of co-founders Iva Pawling and Tim Morse, over the past few months there’s a reason they’ve taken over my top drawer. They get it right.

Richer Poorer - Boxers

The classic line is infused with a laid-back California vibe — no fluorescent taco prints in sight, just vibrant patterns that style as easily with a pair of Oxfords as they do All-Star IIs (trust me). My love of ’em hasn’t faded with multiple washes, and neither has their colour.

Richer Poorer - Iva and Tim

What really stands out for me is the brand’s athletic line, inspired by skateboarding and other action sports out west. Made from a reinforced, breathable performance fabric, they feature comfortable cushioning under impact points and wrap it all up with a touch of compression. I’ll wear a pair to the office, switch shoes and go for a run, or just wear them to help my legs recover after a hard workout.

Richer Poorer - Athletic Socks

A bold sock is the easiest way to instantly upgrade your outfit. Pull on a pair and let the compliments roll in.

Tune into The Lede, where I write about fashion finds and other stuff that interests me.

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