It’s Never Too Early to Get a Head Start on Aging Handsomely


If you’re on top of your grooming game, chances are you’ve heard a lot about anti-aging this and anti-aging that, but never thought it applied to you. And why would you? You’re young, handsome and destined to mature like those eternally stylish Italian dudes that show up at Pitti Uomo year after year. I fell firmly in this category until I heard from the hair experts at Aveda, who recently expanded their Invati Men line to keep guys looking better, longer, in a way guys often overlook — by taking care of their hair.

Thing is, anti-aging products like moisturizers and creams can do a lot to slow the effects of time on your skin, but that’s only half the equation. Aveda found that up to 40 per cent of men experience hair thinning and hair loss (often due to breakage) as early as the age of 20, and generally believe that the process is inevitable. Well, you can forget that last part. Taking a proactive approach can give guys the upper hand on dull and weak hair well before it becomes a problem, which is why it’s never too early to get a head start.

Revamping your morning routine to keep your hair healthy is as easy as a one-two punch of the right products. A shampoo with exfoliating properties scrubs clean the pores to max out hair production, while a scalp treatment (preferably the leave-in kind) moisturizes and increases circulation to your hair’s roots. If you’re lathering on daily, it won’t take years before you notice results.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Within a week or two of switching to an anti-aging hair ritual courtesy of Aveda, my hair has felt noticeably thicker up top and it’s never been easier to style — both big pluses even if you’re already blessed with good hair genes (thanks, ma).

Giving your coif the care it deserves takes the right formula. If you see these natural ingredients on a label, you’re on the right track:

Amla This ingredient has been used to thicken hair for generations in Ayurveda (the 5,000-year-old Indian art of wellness) and contains various antioxidants, such as beta carotene and vitamin C to help strengthen hair.

Ginseng and turmeric Aveda’s Densiplex blend of Ayurvedic herbs is chock full of these guys, which help to invigourate the scalp. When combined with potent plant actives (such as fireweed, plant stem cells and revitalizing caffeine), these natural ingredients help instantly thicken hair at the root.

Salicylic acid Derived from wintergreen in Aveda’s case, it’s used in shampoo to remove excess sebum — natural oils that can clog ports and trigger thinned hair.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with aging — in fact, I can’t wait for my silver fox days — but taking measures to prevent hair loss while you can is worth the investment. And if it helps you grow a great head of hair right away, too, why not starting investing now?

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Look below for photos from Aveda’s Invati Men media preview at Civello Rosedale in Toronto:

Aveda Invati Men - Civello Haircut

Aveda Invati Men - Shampoo

Aveda Invati Men - Scalp Camera


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