Conquer the Transition To Spring with Quilted Layers

Canada Goose x Pendleton Quilted Scarf



The winter-spring transition is upon us, and with it the finicky weather conditions that define a seasonal shift. Frosty mornings with teeth-chattering commutes serve as a reminder that winter really wasn’t that long ago — until noon rolls around, leaving us to swelter on our Ritual run. And by the time we clock out, we could be looking down the barrel of a hail storm. Canada, right?

Time to pull out those quilted layers. They’re the perfect example of late-year pieces that can pull double duty as the weather (slowly, very slowly)  begins to warm up again. And whereas in the fall you’ll typically have to double down on the outerwear as time goes on, many of these staples can eventually go it alone until it’s time to go sleeveless. Here’s what you need to know about adding key quilted pieces to your spring wardrobe.

Scarves A quilted scarf comes in handy when you just need one thing to heat up your ‘fit (or simply keep the windchill off your neck). As with this down-filled quilted scarf from Canada Goose’s collaboration with Pendleton, stick to statement-making patterns in red, blue, green and yellow for your layers. You’re looking forward to spring, remember?

Vests A quilted vest is the perfect combination warmth and built-in climate control. Throw it over a jacket, a sweater — hell, even a suit — and go about your day knowing you’re prepared for anything. If you find one of the ultra-thin variety (seriously, don’t try this with bulkier ones), you can pull off a spring master move by wearing it under your standard blazer for extra warmth.

Jackets A light quilted jacket is a great way to unburden yourself of that heavy winter parka you’re secretly hoping will last you into summer. (Hint: It won’t.) Purchase a jacket that’s lighter than the weather calls for and layer up — then down — to ensure you can keep it in rotation until the birds are back.

Blazers Sweatshirts of the heavy, hooded variety may seem tempting this time of year. Resist. A quilted blazer can add a pinch of sportiness to your office get-up while ensuring the whole outfit can go solo outdoors when the temperatures take a dip. If cooling down is your aim, simply leave it unbuttoned. Just make sure to take it off when you hit the office.

Work shirts Also known as a shirt jacket or an overshirt, the breathable work shirt is tailor-made to be worn layered beneath an existing jacket, forming an extra-toasty insulating layer. As spring becomes more, well, spring-like, graduate your work shirt to outerwear and wear it just like a denim jacket — that is, with everything.

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