Out There with Canada Goose and Harry Rosen

Canada’s most storied outerwear brand is likely one of the nation’s most identifiable exports, second only to the inimitable Drake. You can instantly tell a Canada Goose jacket apart from the rest. They’re ubiquitous. Their reputation precedes them.

And yet, I had never tried one on.

That all changed recently when Canada Goose partnered with retailer Harry Rosen to give Toronto’s fashion scene a look at the down specialist’s new short film, Out There. Our venue was to be the Bloor Street store’s rooftop patio — and though the chilly fall night proved far milder than the harsh northern conditions experienced by the featurette’s intrepid adventurers, we were each invited to try on one of the same Canada Goose parkas that have been keeping people warm for nearly six decades.

Built for extreme conditions, the Citadel parka featured a surprisingly trim fit despite an initially bulky appearance. The cut left just enough space for additional layers — coupled with the three-quarters length, it could easily accommodate a suit underneath for on-point winter layering (top coats be damned). As for some of my favourite functional details, any guy would be satisfied with two sets of fleece-lined hand warmer pockets hidden behind zippered enclosures and a smartphone-sized utility pocket. The tunnel hood was easily adjusted and the coyote fur ruff removable — though I’d prefer to detach the whole deal (it’s fairly heavy) unless I’m battling whiteout.

Harry Rosen x Canada Goose - Whisky Bar

Perhaps the parka was doing its job a little too well — I wore it unzipped to accommodate the heat — though it could easily have been the fully stocked whisky bar on offer. They were pouring a range of The Macallan single malts, including a bottle of The Macallan Gold. This particular expression was served up in a signature Harry Rosen cocktail with cranberries, bitters and a dash of honey that played on the whisky’s holiday notes of citrus, ginger and vanilla (with a noticeable cinnamon finish). Definitely a dram I’d recommend — and that’s coming from a consummate drinker of “Scotch. Neat.”

Harry Rosen x Canada Goose - Macallan Scotch

I handed back the winter topper at the end of the night, but I did leave with a handful of warmth from the kind folks at Canada Goose and Harry Rosen — a fantastic pair of down-filled gloves that will almost certainly find their way into my rotation when the temperatures dip.

Because if there’s one thing Canada Goose cares about, it’s keeping its people prepared for anything and everything out there.

Harry Rosen x Canada Goose - Out There

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