How to Pull Off Your Summer Favourites in the Fall

Summer Style - Vancouver Sea Plane Docks

I hope you had a hell of a summer — I know I did. On June 21, 2015, I had my sights set on little more than exploring new craft beers and stepping up my writing. I would never have guessed that I would go on to vacation in Vancouver, accept a new job at The Huffington Post Canada and even become a homeowner in the span of a single season. Like you, I wish this summer would never end.

Today, however, marks the arrival of fall. While for many that means an end to colourful clothes and bringing the warmer pieces out of hibernation, there’s no reason you can’t keep summer going. (At least in spirit.) Most of the pieces I’m seen wearing here at Vancouver’s iconic Canada Place I’ll sport throughout all four seasons, from the white jeans to the blue microfloral button-up. Here are a few of my favourite ways to integrate warm-weather staples into a fall wardrobe, because summer’s not a season — it’s a state of mind.

Wear white Forget Labour Day — make wearing white a year-round affair. The uber-clean hue naturally complements warm autumnal colours such as brown, khaki, or grey in ways that other neutrals cannot. The versatile colour also makes for eye-popping contrast when layered against burgundy, black, or olive.

Lighten up your layers If you find yourself freezing in the shade and boiling in the sun, consider layering chunkier seasonal knits over a chambray or linen shirt — really, any go-to summer fabric. The lighter top offers built-in climate control and may even add a punch of summery colour to your outfit.

Keep your prints in rotation I’m a sucker for floral prints, which is why I don’t limit my wearing them to any particular season. Keep your classic Hawaiian shirt in the rotation by throwing it under a dark denim jacket; team nautical prints with a tough fisherman’s sweater; or match tribal prints with a pair of slim joggers for an on-point streetwear look.

Photos: William Chaupiz, Instagram: @will_c_run

Summer Style - Canada Place Waterfront

Summer Style - Stanley Park

Summer Style - Canada Place Sails


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    Nicholas Mizera posted: ”

    I hope you had a hell of a summer — I know I did. On June 21, 2015, I had my sights set on little more than exploring new craft beers and stepping up my writing. I would never have guessed that I would go on to vacation in Vancouver, accept a new job “

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