Fusion Six: Peter Ty of The Starving Stylist

Presented in collaboration with Fusion of Effects, this interview is part of a series discussing signature style and other aspects of menswear blogging with some of Toronto’s most influential up-and-comers. See all the interviews here.Peter-Ty-1

The minimalist fashion movement’s ubiquitous uniform — monochome black and white, one, two, one, two — seems simple at first blush. But if we saw things through the eyes of Peter Ty, authour of The Starving Stylist, we’d look at it for its nuanced layers: High, low. Dressed up, dressed down. Structured, casual. It’s Ty’s attention to detail that makes him a master of simplicity and a blogger worth following. I sat down with Ty ahead of our photo shoot for Fusion of Effects’ sixth anniversary celebration to talk about street style, creating a unique minimal look and his plans for collaborating with Canada’s top menswear designers.

The Gentleman Journalist: What is your signature piece?

Peter Ty: I wear a lot of black. That’s my go-to colour, so naturally my piece is going to be a black piece. It’s actually a black blazer from Balmain. It’s my most treasured item in my closet. I love the whole look, aesthetic and design. I love how it’s street style, but it has a very classic menswear tailoring about it — it’s high fashion, edgy and it’s current.

TGJ: What are your style influences?

PT: I love street style — anyone on the street, like personal style. I don’t really follow trends or anything like that. I think it’s more about what people wear or are comfortable with.

TGJ: Yes, I find that a lot of guys are less about trends than they are about an overall style or look.

PT: Totally. I like the whole “I don’t give a fuck” kind of attitude. It’s like, you wear whatever you want, but you’re being confident, and you look good, and you feel good about it. And that’s what I find very attractive. I also love the very clean look, but throw in a comfortable pair of sneakers.

TGJ: Do you think having a signature look is important for bloggers in our line of work?

PT: I think being unique in itself is something really important. It makes you stand out from everyone else. It helps you build yourself, your characteristics, your traits.

TGJ: Responding to that, perhaps I can challenge you a bit. Your monochrome look is a street style staple. What do you do differently?

PT: I love the whole minimal look. I love the whole plain black and plain white. I think what sets you apart sometimes is having a certain edge — an accessory there, or something that’s a small detail that makes it different. I definitely go to accessories. A good watch, a good bracelet and little details that complete the look.

TGJ: A signature look helps define your style, but what makes your publication unique?

PT: I think my niche is more so personal street style. Menswear, but with a certain edge. You need some opinion up there sometimes, too.

TGJ: What’s your plan for leaving a lasting, long-term mark on the menswear blogging scene?

PT: I would love to work with more Canadian designers and to promote them. We have so much brilliant Canadian talent that it just needs to be showcased, and as bloggers we need to promote them and showcase them for Canada, right? I think we really need to push that.

You can follow Peter on Twitter and Instagram.

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