Announcing My Guinness World Record Attempt: Fastest Half-Marathon in a Suit

Suit Fitting at Indochino

As many of you know, my love of running often matches pace with my affinity for menswear. That is why I am pleased to officially announce that on Oct. 18, 2015, I will be attempting the Guinness World Record for fastest half-marathon in a suit at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

“For the last dozen years, Guinness World Records and the runners chasing them have brought a marvelous energy to STWM,” said Alan Brooks, the event’s race director. “And in Nick’s case, it will add extra meaning to all those spectator cheers when you feel rough in the final kilometres and they yell, ‘Lookin’ good’!”

With the support of my teammates and coach at Pace & Mind, I am aiming to finish the 21.1 km course in a time of 1:30 in order to beat the current 2012 world record of 1:39:50.

I will also have my friends at custom suit makers Indochino on my side. The company will be outfitting me in a suit made from its new Indotech fabric — a luxurious, 100 per cent Australian merino wool treated to resist liquids, wick moisture away from the body and keep the wearer cool. They’re also kitting me out in a personalized wrinkle-free shirt to ensure I’m looking dapper every step of the way. I can now confidently say that my choice of clothing will be the last thing on my mind as I’m pounding up the home stretch on Bay Street!

Check back often for updates on my training, photos of my custom suit and more, or follow me on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’ll also be sharing my journey using the hashtag #RUNSHARP on Twitter and Instagram — feel free to use it to ask me questions or cheer me on.

Thanks again to everyone who has made this possible!

Rounding Corner

Photo by Koray Salih


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