Choosing a Fall Cologne with Scentbird Men

Scentbird - Colognes

I remember when I found my first favourite cologne. It was exciting — it hit the right notes, it was fresh, it was fun. Then, well, my nose began to wander. A quick detour through The Bay’s fragrance section later, and I was already invested in yet another bottle. Soon, my medicine cabinet was bursting with scents destined to gather dust.

So, when I heard about the recently launched Scentbird Men, they had my attention. The cologne subscription service is designed to meet the ever-changing tastes and needs of men who don’t want to commit to a single bottle — instead, they can choose a 30-day supply from Scentbird’s massive library of designer fragrances and have a different one shipped to their doorstep every month. The interchangeable cartridges make it hard to get bored, and are particularly useful for keeping your scent game fresh as the seasons change.

Which brings me to the point of this post. That sporty stuff you spray on in the spring? It just won’t cut it in the cooler months. (It’s science.)

To help guide you to the perfect fall fragrance, I tapped Rachel ten Brink, CMO and co-founder of Scentbird, for advice.

“Fresh, citrus-based scents are an ideal staple for summer, but the cooler weather in the autumn months can make these bright notes feel a little too lightweight,” said ten Brink. “Fall is a great time to experiment with bolder scents that contain richer notes with more density such as woods, spices and sweets.”

Her top recommendations? Colognes that include outdoorsy notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, guaiac and oak; whiffs of spices like nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, clove and cardamom; or sweet aromas like vanilla, amber, ginger, honey, chocolate, apple cider and pumpkin.

Illustrating ten Brink’s point, the company sent me Prada’s classic men’s scent, Infusion d’Homme, which features a balance of woody and spicy notes like vetiver, cedar and incense. Below, you can find even more great examples of autumnal fragrances that Scentbird carries. Give one (or all) of them a try this coming season.

The One by Dolce & Gabbana “It’s a perfect combination of a lot of sexy and a little sweet, perfect for fall.” (Notes: tobacco, amber, ginger citrus)

Spice Bomb by Viktor & Rolf “The male version of the super-popular Flowerbomb, its smoky, spicy notes are to die for.” (Notes: cinnamon, tobacco, pink pepper, leather)

Bvlgari Extreme by Bvlgari “It radiates power and confidence, then brings in a nice balance of fresh and spicy.” (Notes: bergamot, cactus juice, cardamom)

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