Easy Summer Hairstyle: The Messy Look

Close Up Messy Hair Look

I’ve worn a classic side part ever since I discovered Crows Nest in Kensington Market three years ago, and I can’t say I’m tired of it. However, I find myself spending summer worrying more about my hair than, say, patio beers. Time to reprioritize, right?

That’s why I thought I’d switch things up from my usual high-maintenance cut.

I was given the opportunity to try out one of three looks made possible by Axe’s new line of men’s hair products at the Axe Ultimate Styling event hosted by Gotstyle. Rather than something clean cut or spiked up, I went with the messy look.

Long a staple of stylish surfers and landlocked jocks alike, the laid back, just-out-of-bed look is ideal for summer. Its simplicity means it takes less effort than average to prep every morning, and it stays looking great all day — in fact, the messier it gets, the better it looks. In short, it was exactly what I needed to loosen up.

In The Barber Chair

To achieve the look, Vanity Co.’s Rick Camacho began with a neat trick to make my hair easier to control. After dampening my hair, he mixed a small dab of Axe Messy Gel through it and gave it a quick blow dry. That’s step one.

He then scooped a larger dose of Axe Messy Look Paste into his hands and raked it through my hair from the roots. A quick spin in the direction of my part amped up the texture to give my hair that perfectly imperfect quality.

A few tweaks to my bangs and I was out of the barber chair enjoying a strong bourbon cocktail with my buddies. Easy, chill and versatile — while a sharp departure from my everyday, this is definitely a haircut I’ll revisit.

Check out more shots of my messy hair below:

Sitting in Gotstyle


Smiling With Product



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