The Lede: King’s Crown Ultra-Rich Shaving Cream

Kings Crown 1774 Ultra Rich Shaving Cream

When I first experienced King’s Crown during its launch at the 2014 Gentleman’s Expo, I had a good feeling that the bespoke men’s grooming brand was going to strike it big. Its products were handcrafted, there was an actual legacy behind the label and the founders I spoke with were extremely passionate about what they do. The team tossed me a sample of their Ultra-Rich Shaving Cream, and the stuff instantly became one of my medicine cabinet mainstays. The lather goes on as a relatively thin layer that conditions the skin and softens your beard before the razor even touches your face. As you work, essential oils (of the eucalyptus leaf, jojoba seed and tea tree leaf varieties, to name a few) provide a low-drag shave that’s almost completely free of irritation. If it weren’t for the particularly addictive scent, it’s almost like I woke up clean-shaven —

And as far as my girlfriend knows, that’s the truth.

Tune into The Lede, where I write about fashion finds and other stuff that interests me.


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