Gotstyle Celebrates 10 Years of Menswear

View at Audi Downtown Toronto

I was happy to help celebrate 10 years of Gotstyle at the menswear destination’s anniversary gala last weekend. Opening a second location, launching an online store, printing the first run of a new magazine and more — it’s safe to say that founder Melissa Austria has made a huge impact on the men’s fashion scene here in Toronto and across Canada over the past few years.

I first heard of the boutique when I was a mere intern at Sharp Magazine. After my career took off and I was able to afford nicer clothes from time to time, it became a treat to patronize its well-curated confines. Who knew that I’d find myself at Audi Downtown Toronto on Saturday night, raising a glass to the Gotstyle legacy?

The evening’s dress code called for a creative, fashionable and formal ensemble, so I teamed some of my favourite black-tie staples — a spread-collar white button-up and black paisley silk tie — with a bold camouflage one-button blazer. When I arrived, the joint was stocked with fashion influencers, well-heeled sponsors and even a few media types mingling between champagne glass pyramids and fully loaded Audi R8s. I grabbed a snifter of Glenmorangie and almost immediately found a few familiar faces in the crowd.

(Let’s just say that we enjoyed the night in good health.)

Hanging out with other menswear bloggers was a blast, but the night presented another draw for me: the official launch of Gotstyle Man. As a journalist and writer, it’s always heartening to see new publications on the rise. All guests received a copy of the 115-page premier issue, packed cover to cover with the brand’s trademark flair. I especially appreciated the mag’s spotlight on Canadian designers and its many editorial shoots dripping with floral prints and polka dots.

I wish I had taken more photographs, but time flies when you’re having fun. Here’s to another decade.


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