Moody Blues for Grey Skies

Moody Blues - Straight On

The weather’s been pretty, well, grey. It’s the kind of grey that makes me want to stay inside and write all night, then wake up the next morning and scrape my hair back into a messy, Jake Gyllenhaal-inspired slick with a dose of Layrite rather than take the time to do anything more put together. Yeah, that kind of grey. It’s affecting how I dress, too. Black and navy have begun to edge out my usual bright blues and ruddy reds. This morning was no different. Hoping to make the best of the mood the weather’s put me in, I chose a dark Prussian blue shirt featuring a grape leaf microprint (GUESS) and matched it with a pair of  navy chinos (Zara).  A military-style rain jacket (Mexx) with a stand-up collar and a hidden hood provided a small provision against the somber clouds above and their threat of imminent downpour. To punch up the army vibes, I also pulled on my faithful vegan leather fold-over Pampa boots (Palladium).

Oh, and what do you know — the sun’s come out. So much for melancholy, right? Check out the rest of my outfit below.

Moody Blues - Collar Detail

Moody Blues - Step Away



Moody Blues - Palladium BootsMoody Blues - Side Portrait

Field notes: I’m getting better at employing my GoPro Hero 4 remotely to take outfit shots. (Who needs a photographer, right?) I used automatic settings and the continuous shooting mode to take three photos per second in 10-second bursts. I used the 12-megapixel wide setting for wider shots and the seven-megapixel medium setting for the more detailed ones. Both offer a lot of flexibility when cropping.


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  1. Thank you so much! I love your blog and what you’re doing. Thank you for the follow as well.
    (Also I love the outfit combos you have, especially this one!) (blue is fantastic)

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