Athletic Style for the Finish Line

I know I’ve inundated you, dear readers, with running-related posts, but there’s seriously no better time to break out the comfortable basics than after racing a marathon. I made my 42.2-kilometre debut this past Sunday at the Mississauga Marathon, and let’s just say I left it all out on the course to earn a 3:32:58 finish and a sweet medal. Anticipating that I’d need some rest and relaxation afterwards (not to mention a few beers), I packed what you see me wearing here.

My favorite piece is the beautiful red henley I have on, which I received as a gift courtesy of Cory Vines. Relatively new to the scene, the Montreal-based brand makes athletic clothing and lifestyle digs, both of which are beyond comfortable. I love this shirt because it feels like fine Pima cotton, but it’s made of a tech fabric that shares moisture-wicking properties with Cory Vines’ sportier stuff.

(This particular colour was discontinued, but I hear they have a new line in the pipe.)

To provide some colorful contrast, I dug out a favourite pair of chino shorts from the Gap, cut to just the perfect length above my knees. The Feiyue kicks I have on are popular among practitioners of Kung Fu. Needless to say, they’re a dream for my sore feet.

And, what do you know? Red, white and blue are the official colors of the marathon I just ran. Fancy that.

Now, to enjoy the sun and put my feet up. Check out the rest of my outfit below.


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