The Best of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

In a word, the second-ever Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOMFW) was a blast. The event has come a long way since its inaugural showing, and has drawn some incredible talent. This season, menswear enthusiasts were given a preview of what designers will have in store for us come fall 2015. Let’s just say that these are some looks I’d consider wearing straight off the runway.

All images courtesy of Shayne Gray Photography.

The Printed Blazers

By: Garrison Bespoke/HD Homme/Garrison Bespoke

Florals and dots dominate my shirting, but I especially love patterns on my jackets. (Trust me, I’d be the first to admit that I wear my camouflage one-button far too often.) Making a bold and confident statement has a way of giving any guy a swagger he didn’t know he had, black tie dress code be damned.

The Streetwear

By: Kollar Clothing/Venturist Commuter Wear/Kollar Clothing

I’ve recently learned to loosen my tie once in a while and embrace more casual looks — I’m fairly sure I have my love of running to thank for that. Judging by the appearance of so much streetwear on the runways this season, it appears that my fellow menswear addicts are on the same page.

The Leather

By: Christopher Bates/Joao Paulo Guedes/Worth by David C. Wigley

Leather jackets hold a special place in my heart thanks to my punkier years. The ones on display at TOMFW, however, weren’t your typical biker fare. This season’s subtle details and moody palettes took the fall staple in interesting new directions while retaining its sought-after nonchalance.

The Knits

By: Christopher Bates/Venturist Commuter Wear/Kollar Clothing

The art of tactile dressing is something that a man masters over a lifetime, not over a weekend. However, these fall sweaters will certainly help any dude step up his texture game in no time flat. Bonus: they’re perfect for layering.


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