Orchestra London

After our last newscast at Western, the young journalists in my program realized how much we’ve progressed since last summer.

It used to be that we would go hours past deadline. Putting together a TV story would be a chore — filming and editing would take hours each. Interviews could get pretty awkward. Now, we know which shots we want and we know Avid Newscutter like the backs of our hands.

 6 April, 2011 — Orchestra London welcomes its new music director, renowned musician and conductor Alain Trudel. He’s hoping to make music — not just for, but with London’s community.

Videography – Sean Leathong
Stock files – Alineh Haidery

That’s why I’m happy about this piece: it’s not necessarily perfect. But, 12 months ago , and still not entirely sure what the hell “white balance” even meant, I would never have imagined I could create a story in less than four hours that just worked.

Nor would I ever have imagined that my MAJ degree is just a few, short days away.


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