PSA: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Life just isn’t the same for us guys. Women really have to deal with a lot of issues. It’s even worse when society doesn’t let us talk about them.

A few students at Brescia University College asked me to help them make a PSA video for Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Always interested in the fashion world, it’s always bugged me how women are told they’re anything less than perfect.

I hope with a little help, and a little awareness, we can turn these sorts of negative thoughts around. Good luck with EDAW, Brescia! And to all women out there — you’re beautiful.

More information:

Eating Disorder Awareness Week Events

Hope’s Garden Eating Disorder Awareness Week Breakfast
Tuesday February 8
7-9 a.m. Registration begins at 630
The Hilton, 300 Kings St, London Ontario
Visit for more information

Eating Disorder Awareness Panel
Tuesday February 8
5:30-7 p.m.
Brescia Merici Lounge

For more information visit… (London, Ontario) (Toronto, Ontario) (National Eating Disorder Information Centre)


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