My first published print piece: ‘In Profile: Silvia Perpiñán’

Way back in November, I interviewed a new faculty member as an assignment. And now it’s finally been published in Western News.  (original link here)

I’m not a print guy, so this is actually my first published textual piece. I suppose it’s a sign of the times when first articles are sent out via Internet instead of on paper.

Silvia, who was very kind setting aside time in her busy schedule for me, was thrilled to see it finally go up:

My profile is out and I love it, thank you very much! You’ve done a great job. Love the story, and love the picture. Thanks again! – Silvia


Silvia Perpiñán | Photo: Heather Travis, Western News

Thursday, January 27, 2011 — When Silvia Perpiñán helped restart a study-abroad program at the University of Illinois, she had one of the most rewarding moments of her young teaching career.

“We took students from Illinois to Barcelona, Spain,” she says. “The language, the culture, the everything – the food. It really was a life-changing experience.”

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